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Gravity Conveyors

Gravity ball conveyors

     As for ball conveyor, many balls which can rotate freely in all directions are installed on the desk bed used for the transportation of goods with hard surface. No lubrication is needed when using ball conveyors and it can't be used in the environment with much dust. As for periodical safeguard, dust and other substance should be cleaned off. As the balls roll, marks will be left on the surface of the goods. 

 (1) use extent :

    As for the goods with soft bottom such as cotton box, panel or barrel like things and basket, it is not suitable to use ball conveyors. The strength used to move the goods by ball conveyors is relatively relayed to the weight and hardness of the goods surface. The harder the surface of goods is, the easier it is to move the goods. The strength is about 5~15% that of the loading weight.

P 3-17 ball conveyor


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