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Planetary Reducers (EPW Series)

Product Description
The transmission method of planetary reducers is different from the dynamic motion of traditional reducers. Transmission of traditional reducers depends on contact surfaces between various sized gears; all loads are concentrated on the point of contact. As a result, gears may wear out earlier and are prone to cracks. On the application of high speed reducing ratio, required transmission forces will demand more gears for engagements. Apart from occupying more space, more wear caused by friction is unavoidable. Gaps between engaged gears are multiplied and lead to reduced transmission efficiency.

Transmission of planetary reducers is of a different scenario, the sun gear, planetary pinion and the ring for internal gear has 6 contact surfaces to even out loads applied. Impact loads are spread over gear surfaces of the internal gear ring at 360 degrees. Therefore friction between gears is reduced and it resolves the problem of gear cracks. Planetary pinion gears move in a floating fashion with tight gaps between the associating gears. Each speed reduction only requires speed gear engagement. The space needed is relatively reduced compared to traditional reducers. Operation efficiency can reach up to 97%.
1) Output speed: 0.19~60r/min
2) Output torque: up to 2,600,000N.m
3) Motor power: 0.4~12,934kW
4) Mounted form: foot-mounted and flange-mounted mounting
5) Output shaft design: solid shaft, solid shaft with involute splines, hollow shaft with involute splines and hollow shaft with shrink disk

Planetary Reducers| Planetary Reducer



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