Ever-Power Chain-driven Roller

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Chain-driven Roller

     Chain-driven roller can be used in comparatively exacting working conditions which is wet, oil and with high or low temperature. It can be divided into two patterns, continuous and roller-to-roller. Continuous needs comparatively low cost but it has much restriction on application.

(a) Continuous chain driven roller system:

        As 3-24,3-25 shows, it is driven by unity chain with one sprockets attached to each roller.Because unity chain is used, the sprocket of the roller only has several teeth exposed to the chain. So it is not suitable or heavy loading transportation and also for situations where frequent starting and stopping happen.The size of the sprocket can influence the interval between rollers.In need of the comparatively small center distance, Double-width can be used to coordinate with the interlace arranged sprockets, otherwise,an inert wheel is placed between the two driven rollers.In this way, the driven motor part should be placed on the output.

Form 3-24  continuous chain driven

Form 3-25 application in continuous simplex sprocket roller

(b)Roller to Roller: 

    As for the structure of roller to roller, each roller is welded with two sprockets and the chain is interlaced to combine rollers in pairs which creates bigger arc angle between the sprockets and chains and larger transmission power. Because the chain pull and laxity will accumulate, the length of this pattern is restricted. As a rule, the number of the continuous circles of the chains should be not more than 80. If the driven unit is placed in the center, the continuous circles of the chains can be put on both sides to make a total of 160. As regards maintenance, lubricate the chain periodically by turning the roller by hand. If the speed exceeds 45m/min or in a comparatively high temperature, an automatic chain lubrication device should be equipped.

Form 3-26 roller to roller chain driven

Form 3-27application in roller to roller duplex sprockets roller

计算驱动及链条尺寸之公式如下: CP=F(L+R+S+C)+sinθ(I)+0.3D

CP=Effective chain pull(kg)

F=friction factor(continuous:6%,roller to roller:5%)

L=loading (kg)

R=he weight of the roller(kg)

S=the weight of the sprocket (kg)

C=the weight of the chain(kg)

θ=inclination angle

I=the weight loaded on the inclination angle(kg)

D=the heaviest weight of the loading deflection (kg)

 hp= ×operating safety date)

efficiency=belt transmission efficiency ×reducer efficiency

operating safety factor: I terms of continuous transmission within 24 hours, the factor for continuous unity chain driven is 1.0 and that for roller to roller is 1.2.

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