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Manufacturers of Gearboxes, Industrial Gearboxes and other components.


We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Gearboxes. We are engaged in manufacturing of Industrial Gearboxes. Our range includes shaft mount gearboxes, planetary gear boxes, worm gear reducers, helical gear boxes and custom built gear boxes.

Gear Boxes are manufactured as per customer specifications. Gearboxes are manufactured small enough to weigh a fraction of a kilogram -and as big as a baby elephant. The possible production range is almost endless. We can design and manufacture gearboxes to order and package them to integrate with your system - tailor made for your particular requirements.

Gearboxes Range

Shaft Mount Gear Boxes
Planetary Gear Boxes
Helical Gear Boxes
Worm Gear Boxes
Bevel Gear Boxes
Reduction Gear Boxes
Custom Gear Boxes
Shaft Mounted Taper Clamp Units
Shaft Mounted Screw Conveyor Units