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Conveyor equipment

    In warehouse (the logistic center), the most common conveyors are unit loading conveyors and cube conveyors. Unit loading conveyors contain patterns like roller, belt and chain. These conveyors mainly used for fixed route transportation. The unit loading includes loading panel, paper box or other articles of fixed dimension. Which patterns of conveyors to choose mainly depend the peculiarity of the articles and the requirement o the system.

    The classification of unit loading conveyors is as follows 3-1. According to the power source, it can be divided into gravity and powered. The gravity conveyors uses the weight of the goods to be transported rolling from up to down on the inclined conveyors as power. According to he different volving, it can be divided into wheel, roller and ball transfer. Generally, powered conveyors use motors as power. According to the transmission medium, it can mainly be divided into chain, roller and belt. As for its application, it also has many other uses like storing and classification besides its basic transportation function. 

     According to the space position which the conveyors is located, cube conveyors can mainly be divided into here types, say, vertical, overhead and rail. This chapter will probe into the specification and application of  the common patterns of  unit loading conveyors and cube conveyors with the expectations of being chosen as reference when designed.

Gravity Conveyor     Powered conveyors