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ZheJiang  Ever-Power  Transmission  Co.  Ltd.
Tel: 0086-571-88220971/73  Fax: 0086-571-88220972       

website  a manufacturer of a broad range of speed reducers serving industrial

markets with both standard and custom engineered speed reducers.


Peerless Winsmith Inc. - Speed Reducers

Peerless-Winsmith is a manufacturer of a broad range of speed reducers serving industrial markets with both standard and custom engineered speed reducers. - 12k -   -  

Peerless-Winsmith: In-Line Gear Reducers

Peerless-Winsmith is a manufacturer of a broad range of speed reducers serving industrial markets with both standard and custom engineered products. - 8k -   -  

Speed Reducer Frequently Asked Questions

A. Worm gear reducers are used in low to moderate horsepower applications. ... Option 2 - 10:1 gear reducer. 36 in-lbs X 10:1 ratio = 360 in-lbs capacity ... - 28k -   -  

BOSTON GEAR: Reducer Express

Order your 700 Series worm gear, 800 Series Helical (in-line or right angle) or 200 Series OptimountT helical gear drives using Reducer ExpressT, ... - 17k -   -  
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Gearmotors and Gear Reducers - TBwood's - Products

Designer, manufacturer and marketer of electronic and mechanical industrial power transmission products including gear motors, jaw coupling, variable speed ... GID=100025&PID=1&MID=1 - 19k -   -  

Dodge Power Transmission Products - Gearing Products

Torque Arm II, Shaft Mount Reducer A shaft mount helical gear reducer that mounts ... Cyclone Reducers Gear reducers offering a broad range of speed ... - 19k -   -  

Dodge Power Transmission Products - Maxum Concentric Speed Reducers

A Helical in line base mount gear reducer offering flexibility in mounting design, increased HP & Torque ratings with improved power density. ... - 41k -   -  
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Speed Reducers

Phone:, (800) 282-4766, Bison Gear & Engineering, a manufacturer of gearmotors, motors and reducers, has been succ ... Read More. Fax:. (630) 377-6777 ... cgi-bin/newleads.cgi?Speed%20Reducers - 107k -   -  

Gear Reducer Repairs

Suppliers of Gear Reducer Repairs. ... Gear Reducer Repairs To request information or a Quote from any of the suppliers of Gear Reducer Repairs listed below ... newleads.cgi?Gear%20Reducer%20Repairs - 50k -   -  

Baldor Products Page

AC Gear Motors ?Servo Rated Gearheads ?DC Gear Motors ?Speed Reducers ... SPEED REDUCERS POWER SEARCH. Type, Output RPM @ 1750, Ratio ... product=Gear+Products&family=Speed+Reducers%7Cvw_GearProd... - 106k -   -  

Gear Products: Baldor Electric Company, a leader in energy ...

900 Series speed reducers are dimensionally interchangeable with many other worm gear speed reducers and are pre-lubricated with Klubersynth UH1-6-460 oil. ... - 35k -   -  

Gear, Gearbox, Speed Reducer - Trade Leads - Gear, Gearbox, Speed ...

Browse for Gear, Gearbox, Speed Reducer, Metal Gear, Motorcycle Gear, Motor Gear, Motor Gearbox, Automatic Gearbox, Car Gearbox, ... 1454/Gear_Gearbox_Speed_Reducer.html - 130k -   -  

Gear Reducer - Products for Gear Reducer - Manufacturers,Exporters ...

Gear Reducer Manufacturers,Exporters,Suppliers,Traders,Companies,Factories at, the world's largest online base of suppliers and importers. - 73k -   -  

Gear Reducers - Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. // Redefining ...

Gear Reducers, Bison Gear & Engineering, manufacturer of motors and gear motors for over 40 years, gearmotor, gearmotors, gear motor, gear motors, reducer, ... - 19k -   -  

Gearmotor, Gear Motor, Gear Reducer, DC Motor, PMDC Motor

Bison Gear & Engineering, manufacturer of motors and gear motors for over 40 years, gearmotor, gearmotors, gear motor, gear motors, reducer, reducers, ... - 22k - 29 Jun 2006 -   -  

Gear Reducer by TAMI in Taiwan, Gear Reducers Manufacturer With ...

Gear Reducer manufacturers recommended by TAMI in Taiwan, served with on line video. - 76k -   -  


Bonfiglioli's mission is to design, produce and market transmission units with the best management in terms of environmental protection, product quality, ... - 87k -   -  

LEESON Products: Off-the-Shelf Stock Gear Products

The LEESON designed aluminum gear reducers have some very distinctive advantages including: ... OHIO GEAR has been manufacturing speed reducers since 1915, ... - 16k -   -  

Gearheads Planetary Gearheads Spur Gearheads Speed Reducers Servo ...

SDP-SI ISO 9001 producers of off-the-shelf Gearheads Planetary Gearheads Spur Gearheads Speed Reducers Gear Motors Servo Motors. - 56k -   -  

Bu-ord Type Right Angle Speed Reducers from SDP/SI

Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI) ISO 9001 producers of off-the-shelf Bu-ord Type Right Angle Speed Reducers. - 17k -   -  
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Speed Reducers on

Welcome to the premier industrial resource for Speed Reducers, gear trains placed between the motor and machinery used to lower the rate at which power is ... speed-reducers-66580606-1.html - 87k - 29 Jun 2006 -   -  

Reducers: Speed, Worm Gear on

Welcome to the most trusted and comprehensive Reducers: Speed, Worm Gear directory on the Internet. A broad range of Reducers: Speed, Worm Gear resources ... reducers-speed-worm-gear-66721200-1.html - 77k -   -  
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Gearmotors Reducers USGM

Series 2000 Gearmotors and Speed Reducers, Series 1000 Fractional ... Innovative self-locking taper shaft connection (motor to gear) allows on-site ... Public/prod/USGear/USGear.htm - 18k -   -  

EPT Literature Request

8809, DDI-03, DAYTON BRAND DROP-IN Right Angle and Parallel Shaft Speed Reducers and Gear Motors. 8870, IG-03, INTELLIGEAR Variable Speed Gearmotors ... Public/literature/literatu.htm - 56k - 29 Jun 2006 -   -  

speed reducer on GlobalSpec

GlobalSpec offers a variety of speed reducer for engineers and through SpecSearch the speed reducer can be searched for the exact specifications needed. Industrial-Directory/speed_reducer - 80k -   -  

gear reducer on GlobalSpec

GlobalSpec offers a variety of gear reducer for engineers and through SpecSearch the gear reducer can be searched for the exact specifications needed. Industrial-Directory/gear_reducer - 78k -   -  
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Speed Reducers Catalogs Download Page

Speed Reducers and Worm Gear Speed Reducers ?Current Information Regarding Screw Jacks, Linear Actuators, and Speed Reducers of Joyce ... - 10k -   -  

Screw Jacks, Linear Actuators and Speed Reducers by Joyce

Screw Jacks, Linear Actuators and Speed Reducers by Joyce. - 9k -   -  

Worm Gear Speed Reducer, China Worm Gear Speed Reducer, Worm Gear ...

China Worm Gear Speed Reducer catalog and Worm Gear Speed Reducer manufacturer directory. Import & Export Trade Platform for China Worm Gear Speed Reducer ... hot-china-products/Worm_Gear_Speed_Reducer.html - 40k - 29 Jun 2006 -   -  

Gear, China Gear, Gear Manufacturers, China Gear catalog

Such as worm gear, taper gear, spiral bevel gears, reducers and etc. Now we have many customers in the national market, such America, Austrilia, Canada, ... hot-china-products/Gear.html - 49k -   -  
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Hercules Gear Reducers, Gearmotors, Increasers, Agitators ...

Provides gear reducers, gearmotors, increasers, custom gearing designs, gear couplings and gear box repairs. - 9k -   -  

Gear Reducer Motor

Gear Reducer Motor By Apex Dynamics has a warranty of 5 years guaranteed. -  

Servo Gear Reducers

Servo Gear Reducers are manufacutred with the highest quality materials in the market to date. -  
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Speed Reducers, Planetory Gear Heads Supplier's Directory from ...

Source Speed Reducers, Planetory Gear Heads. Find top manufacturers and distributors of Speed Reducers, Planetory Gear Heads listed in the only industrial ... product_company_list.cfm?Prod_Code=3418200 -  

Speed Reducers Supplier's Directory from MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK

Source Speed Reducers. Find top manufacturers and distributors of Speed Reducers listed in the only industrial directory designed to provide deep company ... product_company_list.cfm?prod_code=7179750 -  
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alpha getriebebau - planetary gear reducers, drive technology ...

alpha getriebebau - Hochpräzise Planetengetriebe und komplette Planetenaufzugsmaschinen - highly precise planetary gears and complete elevator motors. - 12k -   -  

DieQua | Gearboxes, Gearheads, Speed Reducers and Gearmotors for ...

Specializing in precision power transmission components including couplings, helical drive systems,... - 31k -   -  

Planetary gear reducer corrects small misalignments on Design News ...

Speed with low torque characterizes fractional horsepower motors. In applications such as checkout belts in supermarkets, however, no one wants their ... -  

Gear Motors,Gear Reducers,Speed Reducers and Gearboxes

Manufacturer of inline and right angle gear reducers. - 7k -   -  

Speed Reducers Directory from the Canadian Trade Index

Source and find Canadian Speed Reducers manufacturers and distributors listed in the only Canadian industrial directory designed to provide deep company ... product_company_list.cfm?Prod_Code=7179750 -  

Speed Reducers, Planetory Gear Heads Directory from the Canadian ...

Source and find Canadian Speed Reducers, Planetory Gear Heads manufacturers and distributors listed in the only Canadian industrial directory designed to ... product_company_list.cfm?prod_code=3418200 -  

AKron Gear & Engineering - Custom gear manufacturing.

Cone Drive Conex Series B Right Angle Gear Reducer. More Power - Smaller Package! Replace Dodge, Boston, Grove, Falk Omni, Sterling, EPT Raider, Baldor, ... - 40k -   -  


Find MGS INLINE GEAR DRIVE SPEED REDUCER, STOBER, 28 1, in the Business Industrial , Industrial Electrical Test , Motors Transmissions , Power Transmissions ... W0QQitemZ7630733725QQihZ017QQcategoryZ26227Q... - 57k -   -  

eBay: WINSMITH GEAR REDUCER, 920MWU, 60:1 NEW (item 7630732675 end ...

Find WINSMITH GEAR REDUCER, 920MWU, 60 1 NEW in the Business Industrial , Industrial Electrical Test , Motors Transmissions , Power Transmissions category ... W0QQitemZ7630732675QQihZ017QQcategoryZ26227QQcmdZViewItem - 60k -   -  
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Speed and gear reducer manufacturers of gear heads, motors, boxes ...

Speed Reducers. Speed Reducer Manufacturers. Gear Reducers Manufacturers. Gear heads, gear drives, gear motors, gear boxes, and gearboxes. - 27k -   - - Hardware: Gearing: Worm Gear Reducers Directory

Gear and Gear-motor factory - POLAND - Product's Webpage - helical geared motors, bevel-helical gear speed reducers. ?Grove Gear - WI - Product's Webpage ... - 14k -   -  

Heco - Home - Planetary Speed Reducers

Heco Planetary Speed Reducers for Low Speed /High Torque Hydraulic Motors (LSHT) - 14k -   -  

Gear Reducers,Manufacturers,Gear Reducers Suppliers,Exporters Of ...

India. Manufacturers of shaft mounted speed reducers, worm gear units, custom built gear units, timing... - 14k -   -  

Arrick Robotics --- Reducing Alternatives Can Be Good by Roger Arrick

Overall, the pulley reducer offers a simplified, low-cost alternative to traditional gear reducers where very high precision is not required. ... - 12k -   -  

GAM GEAR; Gear Reducers, Servo Couplings, Safety Couplings, Motion ...

GAM, GAM Enterprises, GAM Gear (GAMGEAR) is a manufacturer of inline gear reducers, right angle gear reducers, servo gear boxes, servo couplings including ... - 10k -   -  

Basics of Design Engineering - Mechanical Systems - Mechanical ...

As the name implies, a reducer is almost always used to gear "down." Speed reducers come in two varieties: base mounted and shaft mounted. ... mechanical/bdemech2/bdemech2_1.html - 4k -   -  

Klistoff Equip & Machy - Sell / Buy industrial equipment and machinery

Gear Reducers We participate in the second hand market of new surplus, rebuilt, ... We specialize in gear reducers; we buy, sell, trade, and rent them. ... - 18k -   -  

power transmission terminology

(power source-motor, gear motor, or reducer) and often repeat on a regular or cylindrical ... Worm gear reducers are the most common right angle reducers. ... - 22k -   -  

Cleveland Gear Company manufactures gears, worm gears, speed ...

Hampton Worm Gear Speed Reducers. E - Line Modular Speed Reducers. Center Distances from 3" to 7". Single Reduction from 4-5/6:1 to 61:1 -- up to 55 hp; ... - 23k -   -  

Cleveland Gear Company manufactures gears, worm gears, speed ...

Includes focus on Custom Gear capablity, CATALOG S400 Modular Worm Gear Speed Reducer Lubrication, Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions ... - 26k -   -  

SHI Releases Indutry's Smallest IB Series Precision Control Speed ...

P1 Type is the successor to the P Type IB Series precision planetary gear speed reducers developed for servomotors and launched in 2001. - 30k -   -  

[PDF] UFGS 33 45 00.00 10 (15005A) Speed Reducers for Storm Water Pumps

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
regularly engaged in the production of gear reducers for vertical pump. drives and shall essentially duplicate products which have been in prior ... UFGS%2033%2045%2000.00%2010.pdf -  

Planetary Gears, Speed Reducers - By The Gear Works

Planetary Gears, Speed Reducers - By The Gear Works. Designed for low-speed, high-torque applications, Grizzly planetary speed reducers are used extensively ... - 7k -   -  

Gear Reducer : Helical Reducer | Power Transmission Products ...

Helical Reducer : Shaft-Mounted Reducer. Helical gear Shaft-Mounted reducer. No mounting base required; Easy to install; Hollow output shaft with taper ... helical-reducer/class2/120/1/ - 16k -   -  

Mini Series/ TA Series | Gear Reducer : Hypoid Reducer | Power ...

Compact, lightweight and quiet right angle gear reducers. Universal mounting, space saving; Higher efficiency than worm gear; Solid and hollow output shaft ... hypoid-reducer/class2/120/2/ - 15k -   -  

GÜDEL > Planetary Gear Units (Planetary Gear Reducers)

GUDEL Planeary Gear Units: Planetary Gear Reducers for power trains that require high dynamics. Planetary Gearbox with High-performance, high efficiency, ... components/gear_units/planetary-gear/ - 58k -   -  

Sell Offers & Products of cixi zhongda motor factory

[Related Categories: Gear, Gearbox, Speed Reducer] [Related Keywords: gear motor, dc motor, zhongdamotor]. Contact Now ?Sell ac motor ... uid/206404/cixi-zhongda-motor-factory.htm - 60k - 29 Jun 2006 -   -  

Gear, Gearbox, Speed Reducer , Supplier, Manufacturer, Factory ... Gear, Gearbox, Speed Reducer companies directory. Thousands of suppliers from 220 countries, cid/0859/Gear-Gearbox-Speed-Reducer.htm - 79k -   -  
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gear reducer, gear internal reducer, gear industrial pump pump ...

gear reducer, gear internal reducer, gear industrial pump pump reducer, gear pump reducer fw gear reducer series, falk gear reducer, dodge gear reducer, ... - 56k -   -  

Surplus Center - Gearboxes Gear Reducers Bearings

Save big on our huge inventory of electric motors, gear motor, linear actuators, transformers, alternators, generators, power supplies, inverters, welders, ... .html?UID=&catname=powerTrans - 26k -   -  

Gear Reducer On B2BManufactures.Com from China & Taiwan Gear ...

Lists of Taiwan & China Gear Reducer manufacturers & suppliers that are carefully selected to ensure high directory accuracy. They supply top quality gear ... industrial-supply/Gear-Reducers.html - 21k -   -  

bulk-online | eDirectory | Gear Reducers

Browse by categories: bulk-online > Power Transmission Equipment > Gear Reducers. Planetary Gear Reducers(1). 1 listed company: ... - 32k -   -  

Speed Reducers, Gear Drives, Gears and Much More-HOME

Ray Pickel Company. Full line of Speed Reducers, Gears and Gear Drives. Parallel Shaft and Right Angle Speed Reducers. Worm Gear Speed Reducers and Gear ... - 31k -   -  

Sterling Electric Motors and Gear Reducers and Drives Since 1927

Manufacturer of AC/DC motors, drives, gearmotors, and reducers. - 13k -   -  

Sterling Electric Helical Gear Reducers

Your source for quality motors and reducers since 1927 ... Classic Helical Gearmotors & Reducers. HP: .25 - 100 REDUCTIONS: ... - 17k -   -  

Nordic Skater - V2 Roller Skis

V2 Aero Skate 150S with speed reducer and emergency brake ... your choice of speed reducers or emergency brake. Color: Silver. ... - 12k - 29 Jun 2006 -   -  

Gear Reducers - Thermal Capacity Based on ISO/TR 14179-1 - AGMA ...

This information sheet utilizes an analytical heat balance model to. product.html?sku=AGMA+ISO+14179-1 - 25k -   -  

Reducers, Multipliers -

Type TDS, Spiral Bevel Right Angle Speed Reducers are available in ratings from 50000 to 5000000 inch pounds of torque and gear ratios from 4:1 to 357:1 the ... mechanical-transmission/reducers-multipliers-D-53.html - 89k -   -  

Crushing and Conveying Equipment - EquipmentMine

SPEED REDUCERS, GEAR REDUCER, 23J-FC03, 1 - Dodge Gearbox TM Model DU600 , 25.63 ... SPEED REDUCERS, GEAR REDUCERS, 23J-FC08, 1 - Falk Renew Gearbox Model ... nordstrom/nordstrom_completeplant2.html - 43k -   -  

Sunbelt Mining Equipment Company on INFOMINE

... Deutz Engines, Domec Slushers, Dominnion Engineering Gear Reducers, Drills, ... Marcy Regrind Mill, Marcy Rod Mills, Marland Cecon Gear Reducers, ... Sunbelt_Mining_Equipment.html - 62k -   -  

EngNet - Industrial Reducers - David Brown Gear Industries (Pty) Ltd

In Line Planetary Gearmotors and Reducers. Absolute Zero Backlash Worm Gearsets. Nylicon Flexible Gear Couplings. Mechanical > Brakes, Clutches & Couplings ... - 10k -   -  

Gear Reducers - Turkey (TR)

Gear Reducers - Turkey (TR) ... Gear Reducers - Turkey. Print Page. 2 Turkish companies. Odak Endustri Kontrol Makina Ltd Sti, Ankara, Turkey ... - 24k -   -  


Cycloid reducers employ rolling elements and a multilobe cam that transmit torque and reduces speed. When a small envelope is used, high gear reduction and ... ProductInfo~Productid~77447~ProductName~Gearheads.html - 36k -   -  

Forest City Technologies, Inc. - Company Profile on ReedLink

... Helical Gear; Speed Reducers, Herringbone Gear; Speed Reducers, Planetary Type ... Spur Gear; Speed Reducers, Systems Design; Speed Reducers, Worm Gear ... CompanyProfile~CompanyId~1961631~paid~2.html - 71k -   -  
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Stober Drives Inc3.

MGS Speed Reducers The MGS, or Modular Gearing System developed by STOBER ... 3 Year Warranty - STOBER MGS Reducers shall be free of defects in material and ... - 17k -   -  


Gearboxes - STM gearmotors makes speed reducer, gearbox, mechanical and elettronic variators, elettric motors, creates standard or personalised parallel, ... - 18k -   -  

Speed variators and reducers and Mechanical Engineering and ...

Study, design manufacture of special units - parallel right angle shaft gear reducers - speed gear boxes 74, v. Roma - 20060 Cassina De' Pecchi (MI) - ITALY ... Speed_variators_and_reducers.htm - 7k -   -  

Gear Drives & Speed Reducers: Component Database

speed reducers, industrial speed reducers, hydraulic speed reducers, worm gear speed reducers, gear reducers, planetary gear reducers, power transmission, ... choice=c&clt_choice=t&treepath=14963&stype=i - 67k -   -  

Delroyd?Worm Gear

Single, Double, Triple Worm and Helical Worm Reducers with ratios from 5:1 to 175000:1; Custom engineered worm gear reducers; Standard and special worm gear ... - 9k -   -  

Delroyd?Worm Gear

Delroyd?DDVM series triple-reduction worm gear speed reducers are available in ratios from 5000:1 to 175000:1 and center distances from 7 to 20 in. ... triple_worm_speed_reducers.html - 12k -   -  

Patent for novel speed reducers: News from Boston Gear

A new three-minute informational video on the Boston Gear website is packed with technical data on the newly patented 700 Series speed reducers with ... - 10k -   -  

Gear reducers tackle demands of amusement rides: News from Brevini

Brevini says it is an established presence in the amusement ride sector, supplying a vast range of different types of gear reducers and hydraulic motors and ... - 13k -   -  

Gear Reducers - - 4ppl Dir

The site presents manufacturers and suppliers of gear reducers, timing belt pulleys, shaft mounted speed reducers, reduction gear units, hardened ground ... - 27k -   -  

MIRL - Research - Precision Manufacturing Technology - Precision ...

Precision Gear Reducer. Business items:. MIRL produces various precision reducers from large loading ones for elevators and parking towers to precision ... precision-manufacturing/precision-gears.jsp?tree_idx=0400 - 16k -   -  

Hub City: Gear Drive, Electric Motors and Power Transmission ...

Hub City Power transmission products worm bevel parallel inline helical bevel helical worm gear drives shaft mount speed reducers mounted pillow block ... - 14k -   -  

Downloads & Brochures

Parallel and right angle shaft gear reducers and gearmotors ... Description of main features of Gear reducers and gearmotors in desing for extruders, 2237 ... .htmlx?ACweb=277&lan=en&docLan=en&218 - 37k -   -  

Dalton Gear Co. Products distributed by Industrial Drive Components

Rugged Cast Iron Housing Model 460 Worm Gear Reducers. A hardened, ground worm drives the centrifugally cast bronze gear for high efficiency and long life ... - 35k -   -  

Heavy Duty Top Entry Right Angle Drive Mixers

BHD reducers are engineered and built specifically to handle the unique and demanding requirements of mixing applications. The spiral bevel/helical gear ... heavy-duty-right-angle-drive/default.html - 24k -   -  

Used GEAR REDUCERS, Without Driving Unit: Surplus Record ...

Industrial business directory listing Cleveland, Cone Drive, Dodge, Eberhardt, Eurodrive, Falk, Fessler, Foote Jones, General Electric, GE, Hamilton, ... - 219k -   -  

IPTS Home Page

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, IPTS specializes in both Worm Gear and Helical Gear speed reducers. IPTS prides itself on a high value product at ... - 6k -   -  

"The Start of a New Movement," Feature Article, Aug. 2002

Two different load paths distinguish the reducers as well. Loads travel through the conventional reducer by way of the relatively weak bearings. In the gear ... aug02/features/startnew/startnew.html - 18k -   -  

November 2004 Mechanical Engineering Departments: Tech Focus, Pt. 2

Boston Gear of Quincy, Mass., heeded this concern in designing a new quick-connect coupling for a line of worm gear reducers. ... nov04/departments/tech_focus/techfocus2.html - 12k -   -  

Pacmation - Gear Reducers

Gear Reducers. ... Gear Reducers - Subcategories. Automation Applications ?Power Transmission. 2005 PacMation, Inc. All rights reserved.... cfm?fuseaction=catalog&parent_id=170 - 35k -   -  

Tulsa Winch

Worm Gear Swing/Winch Drives ? ?Worm Gear Speed Reducers ??Planetary Winches/Hoists ??Planetary Swing Drives ??Accessories ... Type=Speed+Reducers&Company=Tulsa+Winch - 21k -   -  

Ground Gears - Ground Gears Manufacturers,Ground Gears Suppliers ...

Manufacturers and exporters of ground gears and girth gears, internal gears, sugar mill gears, precision gears, sprockets & helical gear reducers. ... - 71k -   -