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Gearboxes for Mixers
Suitable for various mixer and screw conveyor applications, with special shafts and bearings. Applications, Concrete, plastic, etc.

Effective blending and mixing are an essential part of everyday operations in the agriculture process industries. Specific application requirements may vary but the ultimate achievement is to have a homogenous product

mixer drives are planetary gear units modified to meet the operating requirements of water conditioners and of mixers in chemical, ceramic and paper producing industries. The mixer drives combine the traditional advantages of ever-power planetary technology - compactness and high efficiency - with the characteristics of strength and reliability.

Planetary reduction gear units, with rotating outer casing, designed to be fitted into the winch drum.
On the input side, they are equipped with a multidisc failsafe brake. These winch drives give the freedom to design the rope drum and frame of any size and to incorporate any special features required.
The driving motors, electrical or hydraulic, are fitted on the input side through the universal flange system.

in-line or right angle planetary gearboxes can be used in a wide range of industrial equipment and mobile applications. They are based upon a flexible modular system and are available with either male or female output shaft configurations.

The male configuration (cylindrical or splined) is used where side or axial loads are acting upon the output shaft. The female configuration is used to transmit purely torque and is employed where space is limited. The flange mounted gearboxes are supported by a wide range of accessories. These include: adaptors for electric and hydraulic motors, multidisc failsafe brakes and male input shaft configurations. 

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