Global Industrial Gears and Automobile Gears

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Gears have a variety of applications depending on their properties and types.


Gears find their uses in a number of industries as they form an important part of machinery.

The classification of gears is done according to the relative position of the axes of revolution. .

Gear Production Region

Gears find their Origin :
Gears made in China
Gears made in USA
Gears made in UK
Gears made in Italy
Gears made in Germany
Gears made in Spain
Gears made in Japan


Gears are made from an extensive range of raw materials which decide their utility in different machines.



Gears function in relation with a vast range of gear accessories.


This segment gives you a detailed insight about different kinds of drives.

Gear drives are precision components that employ features like solid design,quality and their assembly to ensure good performance.