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Conveyors system

Overhead Monorail Conveyors

     Definition: The electric dolly that runs on specific air orbit may form the bearing and fully-automatic stock- carrying system. It has following characteristics:1. Every dolly in the system can be driven independently. 2.Stock consists of orbit, translation railroad switch, turntable and elevator section etc. to form a cube transport network. 3.Different ways of controlling, say, concentration controlling, scattering controlling and the mixed way. Dollies work automatically in accordance with the settled procedures. 4.Random stock supply system: the very dolly in work position can put forward application randomly. The stocks can be supplied directly according to the feature address code compiled by the dolly randomly. 5 sorting and picking system: The dollies carry different feature address code in accordance with the different types of goods. An address-reading station is set up, which makes automation sorting and picking according to the division realized.

    Use: It is extensively applied in automobile, the profession of post and telecommunications, the assembly line and inspection line of factory enterprise.