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Other Metal Gears The gear designer and user face a myriad of choices to make gear. Apart from metals like aluminum, brass, and copper, there are several other materials used for making gears. Metals like bronze, magnesium, nickel and titanium are also used for making gears.

Bronze Alloy Gears -Bronze alloy offers low friction and provides good compatibility with steel. This material is used with steel for power gears.

Magnesium Alloy Gears - Magnesium alloys are light in weight with poor corrosion resistance. This material is used for lightweight low load gears.

Nickel Alloy Gears - Nickel alloys have low coefficient of thermal expansion. This material is used for special gears for thermal applications.

Titanium Alloy Gears - Titanium alloys have high strength and good corrosion resistance. This material is used for lightweight, high strength gears.