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Kavitsu HangZhou has launched a heavy duty planetary gear box for sugar industry.
We take a closer look at the product.

Kavitsu Transmission Private Limited, HangZhou is a leading manufacturer of Planetary Gear boxes, since 1992. The company has developed a variety of products in this sector, for the applications in various industries like, mining, plastic, material handling, chemical, steel plants, printing, effluent and water treatment plants, sugar industries and so on. The company has achieved another milestone by successfully manufacturing a heavy duty planetary gear box of the capacity of 300 KW. It is for sugar mill drive. Quite a few manufacturers have achieved this success in China, in planetary gear box sector. A four manufacturing plants of Ever-Power group of industries at HangZhou on National Highway no. 4 in ZheJiang are highly modern and well equipped to manufacture a quality product.

The company has also bagged orders for still heavy duty planetary gearboxes of capacity of 500 KW. The application is for wind turbine drive. These gearboxes will be supplied to sites in September 2007. And it will be another success.

Till the date company has manufactured and supplied over 25000 planetary gearboxes for various reputed industries to save the nation. The company also manufacturers three phase induction electric motor up-to the capacity of 30 HP. It has applied for CE and ISI marking which is expected to be received in July 2007.

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