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Planetary GearBoxes For Winch Drive

Hangzhou Ever-Power Transmission Co., Ltd., founded in 1988, is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of planetary gear box.

At present, the specifications of our EP3 Series planetary gear box, EP4 series track drives, EP7 Series selw drives, EP6 Series wheel drives, is up to over 10,000 iterms. The reduction ratio range is from 3.3 ~ 9000, the output torque range is from 500 ~ 450000N.m. More than 90% of our products exported to the United States, Europe, Australia, South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The installation and dimensions of our planetary gear box are exactly the same as the ones made by well-known European and American planetary gear box manufacturer. They are interchangeable.

The company has many Taiwan-made high quality machines, such as fully automatic integrated machining center, CNC grinding machine, CNC gear machines and CNC machine tools etc. to ensure high accuracy for the parts. All of Our employees have undergone a rigorous professional training, have good skills and excellent quality. The company adopt modern computer management systems and has successfully passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification.

EP400W1 Winch Drives T2max=1300N.m  
EP401W1 Winch Drives T2max=2000N.m  
EP403W2 Winch Drives T2max=7000N.m  
EP405W Winch Drives T2max=10000N.m  
EP406AW Winch Drives T2max=13000N.m  
EP406AW Winch Drives T2max=18000N.m  
EP406W2 Winch DrivesT2max=18000N.m  
EP406W3 Winch Drives T2max=18000N.m  
EP406BW Winch Drives T2max=24000N.m  
EP407AW Winch Drives T2max=26000N.m  
EP407W3 Winch Drives T2max=36000N.m  
EP410W3 Winch Drives T2max=50000N.m  
EP413W3 Winch Drives T2max=60000N.m  
EP414W3 Winch Drives T2max=80000N.m  
EP415W3 Winch Drives T2max=110000N.m  
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