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Specification For Select Type

   The correct selection is necessary to use EVER-POWER worm speed reducer efficiently.Therefore please refer to the following specification before ordering.

lnput Shaft Speed

   The general input shaft speed is 600-1500r/min,the maximum is 1800r/min.Too low input shaft speed could affect efficiency and lubrification.

Output Shsft Speed

Depends upon the input shaft speed and reduction ratio.

Output Torque T

   The transmission torque of reducer depends upon the force that causes the output shaft rotate and the rotary radius.See Fig.1:

Load Factor f

   The rating input power and output torque of reducer is established on the basis of an ideal condition that the reducer are operating continuously 8 hours per day under a constant load.If the load or operating condition changes. the output torque changes also.So select suitable type must according to the flowing table 1.

Overhung Load Coefficient f1

It is due to the O.H.L.that the shaft of the speed reducer bent or its casing cracked.According to table 2,the selected reducer type must meet the following formula:


Table1:Load Factor f

Prime MoverDuration Of Service Per DayLoad Factor f
Uniform LoadModerate ShockHeavy Shock
Electric MotorOccasional 1/2h0.800.901.00
Intermittent 2h0.901.001.25
Note:For frequent starts and stops multiply the above table by 1.25.

Table1 2:Overhung Load (O.H.L.)Coefficient f1

Transmission MethodSprocketGearV-beltFlat Belt
O.H.L.Coefficient f11.001.251.502.50


   One conveying machine needs to select a worm speed reducer(input shaft is lower).Its input shaft speed is 1450r/min.Its output shaft speed is 29r/min.Chain pulley transmission,the tensile force is 1000 Ibs on full load. The diameter of sprocket's reference circle is 10in.Operating 10 hours continuously per day.Moderate shook.

Selecting As Follows:

   Ratio i=1450?9=50
   Rafer to table 1,f=1.25
   Load torque T=WRf=1000?0/2?.25=6250inin.Ibs
   Rafer to table 2,f1=1
   O.H.L.=Wf1=1000?=1000 Ibs
   Refer to page 11,select Type 135(50:1),Its max. allowed torque is 6820in.Ibs,Its max.allowed 1520 Ibs. Thus, AY135-50:1 is selected. Otherwise refer to page 9,select Type 516(50:1), Its max. allowed torque is 7110 in.Ibs and its max. allowed O.H.L. is 2700 Ibs,Yoy can select UAY516-50:1 ALSO.