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Conveyors system

 Roller Conveyors

Definition: Roller conveyor is a kind of conveyor using the turn of roller to transport goods in full-set. It may transport along level or curve route. Its structure is simple and it is convenient to install, use and maintain. You may put the irregular goods on tray or supporting plate for transportation.  

 Classification: Divide according to the way of driving :  roller conveyor without power/ power roller conveyor( chain transmission/friction transmission ).

According to the form of curves of the roller conveyor : column shape roller type/cone roller type /different -speed roller type/short-roller of different speed.

According to the forms of volving ruts device: curve segment volving/turnout diffluence /plane diffluence/dolly volving  /right angle volving /turntable volving /spiral lifting device volving   etc. 


Components of rollers

Gravity roller conveyor    Chain Drive Roller system