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Conveyors system

Sorting & Picking System

   Definition: Sorting and picking system, a kind of system , which sorts goods that are random, of different types and direction according to different requirements.
   Use: Along with the raising of social productivity and the increasingly rich merchandises, it has become a department which requires lots of time, energy and space and is of high ratio of errors and complex to manage to sort goods in the field o circulation and production. Therefore, the sorting and picking system has become an important branch of the goods transporting system. It is extensively applied in post and telecommunications, aviation, food, medicine etc. and also the center of circulation and picking.

       Classification: Chain type sorting machine: Dumping tray type, dumping plate type, wing & tray type, dumping tray of three-dimensional reversing type , with belt desk-top type. Sorting machine of steel band : Equipped with several horizontal-introducing device on the steel band conveyor.

   Sorting machine of rubber belt type: horizontal introducing type , oblique circulating type of rubber belt, oblique setting wheeled rollers, revolving platform type, bottom reversing type.

     Sorting machine of roller convey: Horizontal rubber belt type, horizontal introducing type. Slide block horizontal introducing type: plate type, roller type.

     Sorting machine of overhead type: the hanging conveyer as the subject, with corresponding article identification and sorting structure.

Special-purpose sorting machine: The automatic letter sorting system, the electronics.