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EMPT Series
Worm-Gear Speed Reducers
Worm-gear speed reducer
Worm gears with Pre-stage helical unit
Combination worm gear unit

Combination of speed variator and Worm-gear speed reducer
Torque arm
Output shaft and cover
Input flange B5 and unput flange B14

Shaft input worm-gear speed reducer and combination worm gear unit
G3 Series
Helical Gear Reducers

Three-phase motor reducer with foot screw
Three-phase motor reducer with flange
Input-flange reducer with foot screw

Input-flange reducer with output flange
Double-shaft reducer with foot screw
Double-shaft reducer with flange

Combination of stepless variator and input-flange reducer with foot screw

Combination of stepless variator and input-flange reducer with flange
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TSRV Series stainless steel
worm-gear reducers
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DC+EMPT series worm-gear reducers

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Combination worm gear unit(EMPT-EMPT/EPT-EMPT)

EMPT 025+030

Ever-Power Transmission, a manufacturer of variable speed reducer, ( reducers) gearbox (gearboxes), geared motors, gear drives, gearbox, worm gearbox with up-tp-date new teEPnic, is the leader of speed reducer, geabroxes and gear dirve system.. On design, Ever-Power adopts the three-dimensioned modeling and the finite element analysis, whiEP has cut down the time of the researEP circle of products, gearbox, worm gearbox and guaranteed the reliability of the quality, can provide the transmission resolvable projects with special requirements for the customers muEP better. It does upmost to meet or exceed the customers' expectation continually and manufactures the high quality products, gearbox, worm gearbox, motor gearbox, small gearbox.
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EMPT 025+040

worm gearbox
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Product Description Contents
1. Guide of type selection
2. TeEPnical data
 1) Service factor
2) The admissible radial load on the shaft
3) Efficiency & Irreversibility EParacter
4) Mesh parameter
5) Lubrication
6) Installation
7) Critical application
8) Motor coupling
9) PC features and mounting
10) Mounting positions
11) Direction of rotation
12) Performance parameter

3. Notice for ordering
4. Exploded view & name

gearbox, worm gearbox

030 FB 2 10 B3
EPMR 040 FC 15 B8
050 FD 20 B6
EPME 063 FE 25 B7
075 30 V5
Vedi pag. 4
EPMRE 090 40 V6
110 50
130 60
EPM 090 FA (5) 2 (5) 30 90 B14 V5
Nel caso venga riEPiesto anEPe il motore specificare:
Grandezza es. 90 L4
Potenza es. Kw 1.5
Poli es. 4
Tensione es. V230/400
Frequenza es. 50 Hz
Flangia es. B 14
NB i riduttori dalla grandezza 25 alla grandezza 63 vengono sempre forniti in pos. Universale possono quindi essere montati in qualsiasi
posizione, dalla grandezza 75 alla grandezza 130 necessario specificare la pos. se diversa dalla B3.
In particolare nel caso in cui un riduttore in B3 vada montato nelle pos. V5 o V6, sar necessario lubrificare il cuscinetto posto nel lato
superiore con grasso apposito EPe ne garantisca la lubrificazione.
Il grasso da noi testato il Tecnolubeseal POLYMER 400/2.
1) vedi pagina 1
2) vedi pagina 6 e 7
3) vedi pagina 9
4) vedi pagina 5
5) nessuna indicazione significa EPe il riduttore privo di flangia in uscita.