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NMRV Series
Worm-Gear Speed Reducers
Worm-gear speed reducer
Worm gears with Pre-stage helical unit
Combination worm gear unit

Combination of speed variator and Worm-gear speed reducer
Torque arm
Output shaft and cover
Input flange B5 and unput flange B14

Shaft input worm-gear speed reducer and combination worm gear unit
G3 Series
Helical Gear Reducers

Three-phase motor reducer with foot screw
Three-phase motor reducer with flange
Input-flange reducer with foot screw

Input-flange reducer with output flange
Double-shaft reducer with foot screw
Double-shaft reducer with flange

Combination of stepless variator and input-flange reducer with foot screw

Combination of stepless variator and input-flange reducer with flange
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TSRV Series stainless steel
worm-gear reducers
UDL Series speed variators

TR Series helical geared reducers

DC+NMRV series worm-gear reducers

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Technical Data

Operating environment

application environment :
Ambient temperature between-10℃ and 40℃,Ambient humidity below 80%RH,the height
above (the) sea level below 1,000m, Not rot corrosive、explosive gas、liquid or dust, It
should be mounted in indoor.

Product Description Contents
1. Guide of type selection
2. Select the reducer type & Notice for order
3. Technical data
  1) Relation between power and torque
2) Basic formula for power of motor
3) Actual ratio
4) Output rotation
5) Output torque of basic type
6) Output torque of input-flange type
7) The admissible radial load on the output shaft
8) Performance table for combined of speed variator and input-flange reducer
9) Motor connection
10) Lubricant oil/quanity
11) Operating environment

4. Exploded view & name of parts
5. Correct the malfunction

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