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NMRV Series
Worm-Gear Speed Reducers
Worm-gear speed reducer
Worm gears with Pre-stage helical unit
Combination worm gear unit

Combination of speed variator and Worm-gear speed reducer
Torque arm
Output shaft and cover
Input flange B5 and unput flange B14

Shaft input worm-gear speed reducer and combination worm gear unit
G3 Series
Helical Gear Reducers

Three-phase motor reducer with foot screw
Three-phase motor reducer with flange
Input-flange reducer with foot screw

Input-flange reducer with output flange
Double-shaft reducer with foot screw
Double-shaft reducer with flange

Combination of stepless variator and input-flange reducer with foot screw

Combination of stepless variator and input-flange reducer with flange
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TSRV Series stainless steel
worm-gear reducers
UDL Series speed variators

TR Series helical geared reducers

DC+NMRV series worm-gear reducers

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Correct The Malfunction

Correct the malfunction of speed reducer

defective reason analysis solution method
noise knocking gear surface damaged contact manufacturer,
replace gear set
continual cacophony bearing damaged replace the damaged bearing
periodical cacophony particle on the gear surface check gear surface
neigh lack of lubricant fill with lubricant
intermittent cacophony dirty lubricant replace the new lubricant
shake fixed foundation shake deflective mount on the surface re-adjust fixed pedestal
output shaft shake bearing damaged replace the damaged bearing
inner gear parts shake gear damaged replace the damaged gear
housing shake defective gear assembly re-adjust the gear set
leakage oil seal leakage oil seal vulcanize replace the damaged oil seal
housing leakage housing with the sand hole replace housing with the sand hole
combined surface leakage o-ring damaged replace the damaged o-ring
over-heating oil seal damaged over-tighten oil seal replace over-tighten oil seal
over-heat housing over-load re-calculate load
lack of lubricant low lubricant fill with lubricant
over-heat motor 1.the temperature of environment is too high.
2.airiness is bad.
3.pressure is too high or too
1.take measure to reduce the temperature .
2.clean out the wind passage,
and check the motor if cooling
fan has been damaged.
3.adjust electrical source
the motor
can't work
  electrical source haven't been switched on check if the switch is contacted well ,if the fuse wise is broken or the motor down-lead is broken.
the rotate
speed of the
output shaft
is too low

wrong control connection outside
over loading
wrong ratio
electrical source pressure too

correct it on the right connection
reduce the load
check the rotation ratio of the cooling fan and output shaft by hand
adjust electrical source pressure
reduce load

motor circu-
shaft don't

  inner gear set damaged please contact the manufacture
to replace the gear set

Product Description Contents
1. Guide of type selection
2. Select the reducer type & Notice for order
3. Technical data
  1) Relation between power and torque
2) Basic formula for power of motor
3) Actual ratio
4) Output rotation
5) Output torque of basic type
6) Output torque of input-flange type
7) The admissible radial load on the output shaft
8) Performance table for combined of speed variator and input-flange reducer
9) Motor connection
10) Lubricant oil/quanity
11) Operating environment

4. Exploded view & name of parts
5. Correct the malfunction


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