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NMRV Series
Worm-Gear Speed Reducers
Worm-gear speed reducer
Worm gears with Pre-stage helical unit
Combination worm gear unit

Combination of speed variator and Worm-gear speed reducer
Torque arm
Output shaft and cover
Input flange B5 and unput flange B14

Shaft input worm-gear speed reducer and combination worm gear unit
G3 Series
Helical Gear Reducers

Three-phase motor reducer with foot screw
Three-phase motor reducer with flange
Input-flange reducer with foot screw

Input-flange reducer with output flange
Double-shaft reducer with foot screw
Double-shaft reducer with flange

Combination of stepless variator and input-flange reducer with foot screw

Combination of stepless variator and input-flange reducer with flange
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TSRV Series stainless steel
worm-gear reducers
UDL Series speed variators

TR Series helical geared reducers

DC+NMRV series worm-gear reducers

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  Technical Data
  The way to select worm-gear speed reducer
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  Service factor
  The service factor (fs) depends on the operating conditions the reduction unit is subjected
The parameters that need to be taken into consideration to select the most adequate service
correctly comprise:
● type of load of the operated machine : Ⅰ - Ⅱ - Ⅲ
● length of daily operating time: hours/day
● start-up frequency: times/hour
TYPE OF LOAD: uniform , permitted mass acceleration factor fa ≤ 0.3
                       moderate shocks, permitted mass acceleration factor fa ≤ 3
                       heavy shocks, permitted mass acceleration factor fa ≤ 10
fa = Je/Jm
  ● Je ( kgm2 ) moment of reducer external inertia at the drive-shaft
● Jm ( kgm2 ) moment of inertia of motor
● If fa > 10, please call our Technical Service.
  Screw feeders for light materials, turbofans,assembly lines for light materials,conveyor       belts for light materials,   mixers (liquid),packing machines.
Ⅱ Goods lifts, conveyor belts for heavy materials, weave  machines, sliding doors, concrete       mixers, crane mechanisms.
 Barkers,crush machines, grinding lathes,punches, produce  paper machines, stone and       porcelain clay machining  machines
  Service factor fs should be adjusted as followings:
1. ambient temperature is 30 ~ 40℃:fs ×(1.1~1.2)
2. ambient temperature is 40 ~ 50℃:fs ×(1.3~1.4)
3. ambient temperature is 50 ~ 60℃:fs ×(1.5~1.6)
4. ambient temperature >60℃, please call our Technical Service.

Product Description Contents
1. Guide of type selection
2. Technical data
  1) Service factor
2) The admissible radial load on the shaft
3) Efficiency & Irreversibility character
4) Mesh parameter
5) Lubrication
6) Installation
7) Critical application
8) Motor coupling
9) PC features and mounting
10) Mounting positions
11) Direction of rotation
12) Performance parameter

3. Notice for ordering
4. Exploded view & name

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