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NMRV Series
Worm-Gear Speed Reducers
Worm-gear speed reducer
Worm gears with Pre-stage helical unit
Combination worm gear unit

Combination of speed variator and Worm-gear speed reducer
Torque arm
Output shaft and cover
Input flange B5 and unput flange B14

Shaft input worm-gear speed reducer and combination worm gear unit
G3 Series
Helical Gear Reducers

Three-phase motor reducer with foot screw
Three-phase motor reducer with flange
Input-flange reducer with foot screw

Input-flange reducer with output flange
Double-shaft reducer with foot screw
Double-shaft reducer with flange

Combination of stepless variator and input-flange reducer with foot screw

Combination of stepless variator and input-flange reducer with flange
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worm-gear reducers
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DC+NMRV series worm-gear reducers

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  Technical Data
Design features ( PC )
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The PC construction is modular and therefore it can be as a separate unit mounted on any type of fitted geared motor (PAM),whose the various possibilities of flange/output shafts can be found on page 15. Fitting the pre-stage helical module on the main reduction unit is easily done as for any motor of type B14.The prestage unit cannot be used by itself, but only coupled with another reduction unit.
Case in aluminium alloy.
Gears : 20CrMo, machined accurately base on the accurate involute.
Coupling to electric motor
Correctly fitting the pinion on the electric motor shaft requires you keep to the following instructions:
a) Thoroughly clean the electric motor shaft.
b) Remove the motor key from its seat.
c) Fit the bush ① to the drive shaft as shown in the diagram. To make this easier, you      can heat the bush to approximately 70/80°C.
d) Fit the new key ③ provided in place of the one removed beforehand.
e) Fit the pinion ④ taking the same precautions as described in point c).
f ) Fit the washer ⑤ and tighten with the screw ⑥ .
g) Remove the rubber cap mounted on the seat of the oil seal, taking care since the      pre-stage unit is already complete with lubricant.
h) Fit the oil seal ② and then the motor assembly, taking care not to damage the lip of      the oil seal. N.B. For correct operation, with no vibration or noise, it is      recommended to use good quality motors.

Product Description Contents
1. Guide of type selection
2. Technical data
  1) Service factor
2) The admissible radial load on the shaft
3) Efficiency & Irreversibility character
4) Mesh parameter
5) Lubrication
6) Installation
7) Critical application
8) Motor coupling
9) PC features and mounting
10) Mounting positions
11) Direction of rotation
12) Performance parameter

3. Notice for ordering
4. Exploded view & name

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