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MB Series Planetary Mechanical Speed variators




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Product Description
1.1Mechanical principle: MB series planet friction-type stepless variable speed motor is mainly comprised of pressed drive device, friction-type transmission device, and speed regulating device.

1.2Features: extensive range and high accuracy for speed regulating, suitable for continuous operation, forward and inverse rotation, the speed can be regulated according to the requirements during the on-load start and operation, be able to meet the requirement of various or changeable technology parameters, high compatibility, easy to be coupled with various reducers for smaller size, higher efficiency and high speed stepless regulating. Stable performance and consistence of selected output speed within permissible loading range. It is also designed with coaxial structure, small size, light weight, smooth operation, low noise, long service life, simple operation and other advantages.

1.3Types of installation and output: base type, flange type, small flange type installation and solid shaft output.

1.4Range of speed regulating: If R is 5, it means the output speed can be adjusted freely from 1/1.45 to 1/7.25.

1.5Input type and rotational speed: In the case of coupled-type motor and input through solid shaft, the rotational speed is less than 2800r/min for base frame model of MB07 and below, the speed is less than 1400r/min for MB07 and above; the minimum speed shall be higher than 750r/min for full series.

1.6Rotational direction: The directions for input shaft and output shaft are same.

1.7Requirement for running-in: During running-in period of variable speed motor, the temperature rise may be higher than the rise under normal operation. After 60-80 hours of running-in, the temperature rise shall reduce to the normal rise. The speed regulating shall be carried out frequently in running-in period to achieve a smooth operational performance for long term. The high temperature during running-in period affects the permissible operational conditions but it has no adverse impacts on service life of component.