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Support Rollers

Support Rollers Support rollers are the kind of gears that provide support to cable and other related products. They are used to muffle vibration noise. Many support rollers in web manufacturing plants are driven to rotate by the friction between the roller surface and the web. At higher speed operation, air film between the roller surface and the web can be large enough to cause slippage. Therefore, it is important to keep the friction torque of the roller bearings very small. Putting rollers close together can decrease pulling tension.

Over time wear conditions develop on the surfaces of the support rollers making it difficult to control the axial thrust of the kiln with moderate support roller adjustments. The wear can also cause high surface stress conditions and higher hertz pressures as the wear progresses. The extent of wear is directly proportional to the amount of support roller adjustment needed to control the axial thrust of the kiln. Resurfacing enables proper adjustment of the conveyor rollers, decreased power consumption and therefore lower operating cost.

Support rollers are used in industries as an important component in conveyors, elevators, rollers etc.