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T Spiral bevel gearboxes

helical gear reducer, speed reducer, gearbox ( gear reducers, speed reducers gearboxes)

T Spiral bevel gearboxes

Spiral bevel gear commutator T Series T outlined a series of spiral bevel gear commutator : structure, properties and reactions : shell : Rigid FC-25 high iron casting; Gear : just use good quality and high purity alloy gear 20CrMnTiH carburizing hardening and polishing from; Spindle : just using quenched and tempered alloy shaft, placed heavy-duty; Bearings : equipped with a heavy-duty roller cone-bearing capacity; BMW : Two films seal the lips closed, both dust and prevent oil spills; Lubrication : appropriate use of lubricants, The shift can play efficiency, and enhance its operational life. A. The initial use of two weeks or 100-200 hours for the beginning of Moldova consumption period, and this may be a little metal friction coefficient between the silt, you must clean internal and stuff lubricants. B. Long-term use, per annum - year 1000-2000 hours or replaced lubricants. China used lubricant oil lubricants product categories : full results 90-120 gear oil, low speed, light load conditions, the proposed 90-wide efficiency gear oil, heavy-duty, high temperature conditions. all results gear oil recommended 120 degrees. : Technical parameters can be allocated a separate axis, double-axis, single-longitudinal axis, double-speed ratio : 1:1 vertical axis, 1.5:1,2:1. Spiral bevel gear box shifted 2.5:1,3:1 T Series




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