Ever-Power gravity roller conveyor

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     The characteristic of the roller conveyors lies I the variety of the combination of components like roller,shafts,bearings,framework and the supporting frame to meet the all kinds of applying requirements.The way of combination depends on the peculiarity of the goods,the installation environment and the cost of the equipment.The peculiarity of the goods can influence the stability of the transportation,so generally speaking,at least three rollers are needed to touch the goods.

 gravity roller conveyor

(a) under Hard article- need 3 rollers

              (b) less than 3 rollers - the line will not be stable

 (c) Soft article need at least 4 rollers

(1) use scope:

      The use scope of the gravity roller conveyors is wider than that of the wheel ones(3-2). Generally speaking, the loading of plastic basket,container and barrel like goods which are not suitable for transporting by wheel conveyors is suitable for that of the roller conveyors. Though some of the frameworks and the rollers of the modules are made from aluminum to reduce weight, still it is heavier than roller conveyors. As a result it is not suitable for occasions where moving and separating & installation always happen. 

   In the application of the gravity roller conveyor, using open or steel overshadowing cover can avoid the increase of the friction of the bearing. Although the applying temperature of the bearing can reach as high as 170℃, the using temperature of the   bearing of the steel overshadowing type canít extend 100℃ for the cover might deforms.Beyond the extent of 0℃~65℃,special lubrication solutions should be considered.In occasion of the comparatively high temperature,the interval between different loadings should be enlarged and the loadings should move quickly in order to reduce the heat absorbed by rollers.As a result it is better to install a radiator.

   The loading capacity of the roller depends on the loading capacity of the bearing and the width of the roller.Basic bearing capacity depends on experience formula and experiment testing.The conveyors of comparatively narrow width is used as basis. With the increase of the width,the deformation of the shaft results in the decreasing of the loading capacity.The loading capacity of gravity roller conveyor is greatly related to its components.Most manufacturers will provide a list of the loading capacity of the conveyors according to the ways how the roller, framework and supporting frame are combined together.

 Form 3-2 The application of gravity conveyor



说 明












16-18轮/呎,18 吋宽




10轮/呎,12 吋宽



         (a) Roller design pattern

   Roller is designed  according to the environment and the requirement of the loading and it has three types, say, the open type ,the overshadowing type and the oil type. The open type is used in indoor occasions, the overshadowing one in outdoors or occasions with dust high in the air and the third type is suitable for occasions with comparatively heavy loading and being inconvenient to lubricate.

(b)Roller assembling and installation

     According to the processing shapes, roller can be divided into straight press fit, curled and swaged(see 3-9). The assembling and installation of the roller in framework rail can be higher or lower than the framework which is completely depends on the requirements. For example, if the roller is lower than the framework rail, the framework rail can be used as rail, but if the comparatively wide loading is used, the loading canít be used because of intervention between the loading and the framework. If the roller is higher than the framework, a safety rack is installed. It has much flexibility in application.

(3) Frame:

     The most common framework patterns are dent steel pattern, L steel pattern and the formed flat pattern. According to the ways the steel is formed, it can e divided into Formed and Structural(3-10).  The weight of the steel of formed is a bit heavy and has better intensity and is suitable for heavy loading. The two sides of the conveyor always fixed with the same profiled bar either by weld or bolt. However , as for the application for specific-purpose, the framework of the two sides is of different patterns.

(4) Function model or rollers:

(a) As 3-11 shows, it is equipped with many rollers and comparatively good in transportation and loading capacity and in finding ways to find traces. Besides, this structure also has fish-bone patterns which can make the loading move up and down in the conveyors for it always points at the center. It is most suitable to be installed in front of the sealed box rightly. 

(b) divergence conjunction module:As 3-13a shows, divergence conjunction module can be connected to turning and direct transporting modules. 

(c) confluence module:As 3-13a,b shows, it contains turning confluence and direct transporting confluence.

 (d) skewed roller section :As 3-14 shows, skewed roller section can move the loading to one side so as to scan, sort and accumulate the bar code. Usually it is installed in the bar code reading machines and the power push rod. 

(e) other applying module:Overhead module hung on the ceiling, see 3-15. Two-layer module,see 3-16. The above two patterns is used for light and medium loadings.

swerved model

straight model


combination or seperate model

P 3-14 skewed module

P 3-15 overhead module

P 3-16 two-layer module

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