WenLing Ever-Power (MingHua) Gear Co.,LTD, established in 1992, strove, struggled through the hardship of 10 years, Open up a way suitable for surviving and developed by oneself in the fierce market competition. Now, the enterprise has total assets , cover an area of 64000 square meters, Staff over thousands of people. The income from sales is 80 million yuan in 2001, profits tax is 10, 500,000 yuan. The production and marketing are 120 million yuan in 2002, profits tax is 12 million yuan. The profits tax of production and marketing increased by 22% on the basis of 2002 in 2003.
At present, the body ware of company is automobile derailleur and various kinds of derailleur gear wheels, Annual production respectively each and each, among them agricultural to change speed case reaches 35% by national occupation rate of market of gear wheel. With the flourishing development of the transport service, the accessories of automobile are exported the widenning further of the channel , There will be bigger development space in the enterprise. We in forging and press, machinery cut, it has to be extremely better advantage on routine technology g.html heat treatment,etc.. Especially cold to push technology, special course surpass the domestic same trade by heat treatment technology,etc.. Make special the production, sell and realize and monopolize managements of productses. The steady, really up to the mark product cost which is analogous to the competitiveness of product quality and having, It is two main ways that we participate in the market competition. 
Over the past five years, It obtain successively companies it is more national by the Ministry of Agriculture" national enterprises strict quality control up to standard", Zhejiang Provinces"key private township enterprise", " famous trade mark", Taizhou state famous brand," enterprise of Trustworthy Quality" of Taizhou state city, title, such as industrial enterprise,etc. of" the most important thing" of Wenling of city of Taizhou state. Authorize and" abide by the contract, watch over credit" unit city of Wenling Administration for Industry and Commerce for five years in succession, Have confers" big tax-payer" and passes in October of 2000 ISO 9002 international quality system authentication by the Bureau of Finance of Wenling for six years in succession. 
The development of the new products and innovation of the technology means are sources that the enterprise makes profits continuously, We plan to spend three to five years, invests 5000 to 100 million yuan, while consolidating the traditional product, Developed, developed light-duty truck, truck, car gear wheel and derailleur successively , Promise and produce, store , research and development go on in step, automobile reach at each 25 by derailleur annual production, Annual newly-increased profit is 12 million yuan, guarantee that" bright China's gear wheel" realizes lasting development and expand constantly.
The company began such series of products as newly-increased generator , hay mover , water pump , etc. in 2003.

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